About us

Nice to meet you!

We, Bat Chen and Dror Granevich, invite you to a visit and taste of

our way of life at Bat Dror – House of Crafts.

    The story behind the story

I’m Bat Chen, from the Almog family, a creative artist. I have a degree in business management from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I am an instructor of art groups in Israel and overseas and an IDF officer in the reserves.

From a young age I loved drawing, sculpting with clay, working with plaster and more. Today, you can also find me at any time of the day or night mixing, painting and creating. The quiet ambience of nature around me provides me with an abundance of inspiration. From time to time, I try new crafts like stonecutting or stool weaving.

Hosting you at Bat Dror – House of Crafts is a great privilege for me.  It is my pleasure to expose you to the wonderful mosaic that we have created here between daily life, nature and creativity. We cultivate the nature surrounding us and it gives back its goodness: the fragrant lavender bushes serve for making shampoo, creams and soaps; from the aloe vera plant, we formulate creams to soothe the skin, and olive branches form the structure for mobiles that we make in the natural paint workshop.

    How did we get to this mountain?

In 2004, I married Dror Granevich, Dror the builder, the man with the golden hands.

In his youth, Dror dreamed of building a house with his own hands in the heart of nature, and as the years passed and we prepared for our wedding, we looked for a place to live. We heard about the option of building here on our own. Dror worked day and night building the house, and exactly five months after the work started, the building was completed. On our wedding night, we moved into our new home!

Dror’s vision became reality and continues to develop in new directions. Dror creates worlds through natural building and traditional carpentry, and I build worlds through crafts based on natural materials such as wood, clay, natural tempera and more.

Our dream is being realized here, and we have combined our names to express that sense of love in the name of this site – Bat Dror.