Dror the builder

more beautiful and healthier

My name is Dror Granevich, and for more than a decade I have working in building, crafts and design. I began my path by starting a business in framing and printing artworks and woodwork, and a few years ago I established Dror the Builder and I completed my studies in traditional carpentry with master craftsman Gil Arad.

Work with natural materials enables great flexibility in design and response to the needs and requests of clients. For people who care about living in a house built of quality, durable raw materials that do not contain poisons that emit gases into the home (concrete, glues and similar materials) – we are the solution.

natural building

The world of natural building is developing quickly, and today it is possible to ensure that your house and all of its contents will be free of bacteria and mold. The traditional building materials that we use have been chosen after comprehensive research and clear conclusions that they are the most suitable for the Israeli climate and the living conditions here. It is important to us that our clients enjoy the benefits of natural building.

winning combination

The combination of using natural materials and traditional work methods enables us to create the best possible product for you. No more ceramic printed to look “like stone”, no more chlorinated, synthetic plastic pools but rather building with the design touch and producing products that only become better with age.