When was the last time you felt in your heart and your body the secret of simplicity, a connection to yourself, closeness to the good earth and pleasure in its gifts, the privilege of living this way in the busy, fast-paced 21st century?

Although the journey from Jerusalem to Bat Dror takes only 20 minutes, you will find yourselves entering a magical, unique realm. Visit our home, built using natural building techniques, with a studio and guest cabin that we built with our own hands and the orchard we tend.

A visit to Bat Dror – House of Crafts is an opportunity to take a step back from your familiar routine, enjoy nature in its raw state and experience a hands-on connection with the earth, not just as spectators! At Bat Dror, you will be able to try your hand at different crafts, touch the materials, enrich your knowledge of natural building, wood carving and traditional carpentry, and learn techniques that will soon be part of a disappearing world.

Come as a couple, come with the whole family, come with your friends!

Before you continue, it’s important you know – no prior knowledge or experience is necessary. Just come, agree to be present, breathe deeply and let your eyes and heart be filed with the landscapes of the primordial land.

our orchard

A good land…a land of wheat and barley, grapevine and fig and pomegranate; a land of olive oil and honey.

Deuteronomy 8

In the orchard and the area surrounding Bat Dror, the seven species with which our land is blessed all grow: wild barley, wheat grown by our neighbor, grapevines, figs, pomegranates, olives and date palms.

Fruit trees bring joy to the mouth, eyes and nose – apple, carob, pear, peach, loquat, pomelo, orange, lemon, plum, apricot as well as eucalyptus and terebinth. There are also herbs for seasoning and medicinal purposes – mint, lemon verbena, lemon grass, lemon geranium, sage, lavender, aloe vera and rosemary.

The delicate flower of the Abraham bush crowns the landscape with its purplish hues.

Some guests who come to Bat Dror when visiting Israel choose to enrich our orchard by planting trees with their own hands. We prepare the trees and the holes for planting in advance, and they plant the trees and fulfill the unique mitzvah of planting trees in the land of Israel.

Volunteers from Overseas

Bat Dror – House of Crafts hosts volunteers from around the world who come to us for periods from a few days to a month, and help us with building, development and operations. Energetic young men and women with generous spirits from Europe, Japan and the United States have helped us build the studio and the volunteer hut, the terraces, paths, stone steps and benches.

Volunteers also participate in preparations for creative workshops that take place in the studio and help with creating products for sale in the studio shop – glass paintings, ceramics, cosmetics and more.

Those who choose to stay for the weekend have the opportunity to experience the Jewish Sabbath J Volunteers are warmly welcome to find us here: https://www.workaway.info and come visit!