Creative Workshops at the House of Crafts

Creative workshops at Bat Dror
are suitable for participants  aged 3 to 120 😊

Dear parents – when you come visit with your family, don’t fantasize about resting with your feet up while your children work. The possibility of working together cooperatively opens worlds for an enjoyable family experience. And yes, Grandma and Grandpa are also warmly invited to participate.


In addition, our workshops are suitable for events such as women’s evenings, creative activities for a bat mitzvah party or team building events and fun outings. Participants leave each workshop with their own handmade products.

Glass painting workshop

Participants choose one of the painting designs, place it under the glass, and draw the outline in three dimensional paint. After drying, we paint the drawing with glass paint and a paintbrush, and each participant receives a painting in spectacular stained glass.

Workshop duration: About 2 hours

Ages: 12-120

cost: couple- 430 nis

         3-10 participant- 150 nis pp.

Tempera paint workshop

In ancient times, before oil paints were invented, artists used tempera paints created by mixing eggs and water with natural pigments.

In this workshop we will model how to make paint powder with this ancient method using a mortar and pestle. Afterwards, we will make our tempera paints into creams and each participant will choose and paint a sign/painting for their room/home or shapes that can be hung as a mobile. At the end of the workshop, each participant will have a unique and colorful souvenir to hang in their home.

Workshop duration: About 1.5 hours

Ages: 3-120

cost: couple- 250 nis

         3-10 participant- 110 nis pp.

         big group? contact us for

         special offer.

Natural cosmetics workshop

In this workshop, we will use natural raw materials like almond oil, shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils. We will learn about the unique qualities of each of these materials and understand what natural cosmetics are. Each participant will make her own cream and deodorant in the scent she loves.

Workshop duration: About 2 hours

Cost: couple- 600 nis

          3-10 participant- 230 nis pp.